Pool sanitisers – salt, mineral, or chlorine-free?

Whilst the bulk of pool purification is taken care of by the filter, sanitisers add an extra level of cleanliness by removing bacteria and algae. The question now is; salt, mineral or chlorine-free?



Salt is the most popular form of chlorination. Easy to use and nice to swim in, the system converts sodium chloride (salt) to sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine) through a process of electrolysis to kill any germs in the pool. When combined with an automatic pH controller such as Viron eQuilibrium, this system ensures the day-to-day water balance of the pool.

pool salt chlorinator



As an alternative to salt chlorination, a mineral blend can be used to treat the water. Typically magnesium-based, it has the same chlorinating effect as salt, however the water is softer. Swimming in magnesium also has potential health benefits such as muscle relaxation.

mineral pool sanitiser chlorine



We have recently been installing Enviroswim units with great success. This system uses copper and silver plates to kill bacteria and algae, emulating fresh river water.



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