As we enter another year of designing and building concrete swimming pools here are our predictions for what’s hot.

Small Functional Pools: As yards become smaller and houses bigger the space to put a pool is shrinking. This makes us as designers work harder to fit a pool into your space without taking over. Gone is the one size fits all family pool for everyone. We are seeing an increasing demand for plunge pools. These pools are particularly popular with people with divided blocks and those seeking warm water therapy and exercise.

Low maintenance: We all work hard and want to spend what free time we have with our family and friends, not cleaning the pool. Paramount PCC2000 Infloor cleaning systems are becoming the norm, not a luxury. When combined with automatic fillers and automatic chemical dosing systems with salt chlorination the amount of time you need to spend on the pool is almost non existent.

Energy efficient pumps: As electrical tarriffs increase variable speed pumps will become more popular. Pumps like the Pentair Intelliflo can make significant savings on electrical bills.

More Heat Pumps: As competition for available north facing roof space increases we will see more customers installing solar electricity systems combined with heat pumps instead of traditional solar heating systems. A decent size solar electricity system will allow customers to not only heat their pool but provide the electricity to run the pumps as well.

Natural colours: Light pool interior colours in natural tones are very popular. Our most popular interior of the last 12 months is white fully tiled. When combined with natural paving materials like stone or deck a stunning result can be achieved. These colours tend to be both calming and enticing.

Fun,fun,fun: Pools that are made for fun and enjoyment. Features including big swimouts and ledges, waterfeatures, negative edges, spas and waterspouts are becoming more popular.

A Pool with a view: Acryllic viewing panels into pools are a great feature on elevated pools or pools with negative edges. This trend has been on the up for some time now with the acryllic technology a better alternative than glass.

Home integration: No longer is the pool placed in the dead corner of the yard. It now tends to be the feature of the backyard. Combined with an outdoor room and entertaining area the pool can be used all year, when not swimming as a water feature and place to relax.

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