Infinity Pool, Mt. Waverley

How long does it take to build a concrete pool?

One of the most common questions we are asked is ‘how long does it take to build a concrete pool?’. This can vary depending upon the size of the project, associated landscaping and material ordering times, etc. Below is a basic outline of the stages along with a list of tasks included at each stage.

Planning Stage (approx 4-6 weeks). From the day that you sign a building contract to the day excavators arrive on site there is generally 4-6 weeks. Within this time we need to obtain Engineering Plans, Working Drawings, Warranty Insurance and a Building Permit. Contractors and Staff are scheduled also. If a Planning Permit is requires an extra 6 weeks can be added.

Structure Stage (approx 3-4 weeks). The first thing that we do when we arrive on site is mark the pool location. This is done using pegs, strings and paint. Soon after this the excavator will arrive to dig the pool. Over the next week the drainage layer and in floor cleaning pipes will be installed. The second week of the structural stage will see steel frame and formwork being constructed. Once this is complete the final plumbing will be done and pipes run back to the equipment area. The plumbing will be tested for leaks and left under pressure. A final inspection and check will be undertaken before the concrete is sprayed in. On completion of the spray the formwork will be removed and site cleaned of any rubbish.

Curing Stage (4 weeks). Once the concrete is installed there can be no work done to the interior for 28 days, until it has cured. During this time it is a great opportunity to commence the landscaping including paving slabs, retaining walls, etc. We can also install the filtration and heating equipment.

Finishing Stage (approx 4-6 weeks). This is where all the finishes are done and the pool filled with water and commissioned. First the waterline tile is installed to set the pool level before the coping goes on. On completion of the paving the pool fence can be installed and inspected. Once this is done the pool interior can go in, followed by the water the next day. Once the pool is full the water will be chemically treated and equipment commissioned. Once complete, the pool will be handed over and you will be shown how it all works.

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