Top 10 pool games

It’s summer and everyone is jumping in the pool as much as they can. Here are some of our favourite pool games and activities to entertain kids (and big kids) of all ages!


1. Inflatables Race

Jump on your inflatables, line up, ready.. set.. go! Who’s first to get up the end and back again?

2. Pool Bowling

A fun poolside twist on the classic game. Use your body as the ball as you slide down the mat to knock over as many pins as you can!

3. Pool Volleyball

A great option for staying cool while you get fit.

4. Water Polo

Play with four or more players for a great competitive game.

5. Pool Basketball

Enjoy shooting hoops whether you’re in the pool or sitting by the edge. Who can make the longest shot?

6. Water Slide

Make a gracious (or not so gracious) entrance into the pool as you glide down with a splash!

7. Diving

How many items can you collect in one go? Who can do it the fastest?

8. Water Fight

Get in a good position to defend your end of the pool! Kids vs adults – who will win?

9. Sprinkler

Connect the octopus to your garden hose and enjoy the sprinkler fun.

10. Slip N Slide

An Aussie classic. Try sliding on your belly, or even riding an inflatable!

Games can be made even more exciting if prizes are involved. This may be as simple as winning an icy-pole or getting to choose the music, next game, or tonight’s movie. Play safe, and have fun!

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