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The Age & Herald Sun promote the value of pools

The Swimming Pool and Spa Association (SPASA) was happy to report that both The Age and Herald Sun have recently been promoting the value of pool ownership.

The Herald Sun featured “Lap of Luxury”, an article promoting the benefits of pool ownership and advocating that “now’s a good time to start the ball rolling if you’re in the market for a pool”.

“Generally, pools do make homes more attractive to buyers if they’re done well”, writes Emma De Smit from the Herald Sun. “According to 2014 research conducted by buyers’ advocate Secret Agent, pools in Melbourne’s inner-eastern suburbs can add from about 6 to 30 per cent to the value of a home.”

Similarly, The Age’s featured the article “Cents and sensibility”, with writer Darren Palmer stating that “..a pool can provide substantial value to a property. Take for example the home sold on The Block Allstars in 2013 for $1.4 million. In three years, the property was relatively unchanged except for the addition of a modest backyard pool and was sold for more than $2.5 million in 2016. A pool can be the perfect value-add to a home.”

To read these articles in full see the full SPASA article here.

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