Fully tiled courtyard family pool

5 tips to help you choose your pool colour

Many clients over the years have found it very difficult to choose what colour they want their pool to be. Some have no idea, some like to see lots of different pools to compare and some get very confused. We hope you find the tips below helpful.

1. Find a picture of a pool you like – This is the best place to start. There are plenty available in magazines and on the internet. Once you find the one you like best, ask you pool builder if they can closely match it. Sometimes these photos may be digitally altered and not a true indication of what is on site. That is why it is best to ask your pool builder to match the colour than finding out what the tile is.

2. Don’t get caught up in shades – Sometimes clients agonise between two similar tiles. Don’t worry too much about this as the colour will change constantly depending upon brightness of the sun, reflections off trees and structures, etc. If the pool is to be mostly shaded go with the lighter colour as it will appear darker.

3. Consider the size of the pool and area – In our experience light coloured pools tend to look bigger in smaller areas as they blend in and create an illusion of space. Darker coloured pools tend to have a defined line around them. This is great if you want to create clean lines or a reflection pool look.

4. Consider the surrounds – We generally try to blend the render colour, pool tile, paving and any other finishes. Try to find something that is common between them. If you have earthy surrounding tones try to find a pool colour that will look more natural. If you want the pool to jump out pick one that is really bright or contrasting. With negative edge pools it can be good to blend the pool colour with the background as much as possible for a seamless effect.

5. Ask to see a pool – Once you have narrowed the colour down ask your builder if they have access to a pool in that colour. Quite often past clients will let you in to see their pool (they generally went through the same thing). This will hopefully help confirm that you are on the right track.

6. Pick a colour you like – This is the most important thing. Over the years we have finished pools that are white, blue, green, red, purple, black and a combination of all of these. Most of them, when done well, look great. Keep in mind that you are the one who has to look at it every day.

To see some examples of tile colours in Neptune Pools, click on the images below.


Plunge Pool, Kew


Family Pool and Spa, Brighton


Courtyard Pool, Balwyn North


Pool and Spa with water feature


Courtyard blue tile swimming pool


Award winning indoor pool


Zen Japanese pool rice paper walls stairs


Award winning courtyard plunge pool fully tiled


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