Infinity Pool, Mt. Waverley

To infinity and beyond – infinity edges and wet decks

If you’re looking for a simple way to make your pool more spacious, an infinity edge or wet deck allows the water to flow beyond the walls, and creates a design that is both functional and beautiful.


Infinity Edge

An infinity edge can be constructed to one or more sides of the pool with water spilling over a stone clad wall into a balance tank gutter, concealed below a fibreglass grate and pebbles. The wall can be designed to comply with pool barrier regulations and create a more open space. Instead of looking through a glass fence, you are treated to a clear view of the water, creating a pool that is visually stunning when viewed from all angles.


Fully tiled infinity pool and spa


Infinity Pool Albert Park


Infinity Pool, Mt. Waverley


Award winning courtyard plunge pool fully tiled






Kew plunge infinity pool



Wet Deck

A wet deck can be constructed around the edge of the pool to allow the water to lap over the edges and flow into a hidden balance tank gutter below.





Award-winning design

Neptune Pools won the SPASA National Gold Award 2017 for Best Water Feature, with this stunning three-sided infinity edge.


Award winning infinity pool



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