Should you add a spa to your pool?

Should you add a spa to your pool?

A spa can be the perfect addition to your new pool and can transform your outdoor area for year round entertainment.


There are many reasons why people to choose to add a spa to their outdoor area. Relaxation and easy entertainment are the most general reasons for installation, however there are many other uses for a spa.

Due to the digital landscape that our households are now living in, precious undivided family time is not being spent the way it used to. A spa can provide the perfect vessel for spending time together as a family, with no use for devices around the water, it can create a hub for the family to come together and relax and unwind and engage everyone and ensure their full attention. Spending time relaxing together brings everyone closer and it is encouraging family time without making kids engage in an activity they don’t want to do.

Having a space to relax and unwind and relaxing your muscles, especially after exercise soothes your muscles and speeds up recovery which leads to feeling healthier and happier.

Not only does a spa have immense benefits for your health, the resale value that a spa can add to your home is one of the main reasons people are opting for spas. They add personality and flare to your home and add a point of difference that makes your home stand out amongst other potentials. A common spa design is a spillover spa that is connected to the pool, meaning the pool and spa water blends seamlessly. This creates a design feature of the water spilling into the pool, but means that only one pump needs to be used as the water from both the pool and spa share the same circulation system which results in less maintenance. Once installed, they are relatively simple to run and can therefore be an excellent addition to your home.

One of the standout advantages that a spa has over a pool is that its warmth means that it can be used all year round, rather than a pool that can only be used during the summer months. This makes entertaining kids, friends or family effortless and is such a fun way to chill out with the after a long day, and the shape of the spa makes it super easy to engage in conversations