Choosing the best heating system for your pool

To keep your pool the ideal temperature for a dip, there are several heating options on offer.



Nearly every pool we construct has solar heating. Solar is cheap to run, and sufficient for those wishing to swim in the summer months. As a minimum, we install the equivalent of 100% of the surface area of the pool on the roof. For a more effective system you can increase the surface area up to 140%.



For those wanting to extend the swimming season, and guarantee a consistent temperature, a secondary heat source is a good idea. Gas heating is very responsive, and all spas have gas heaters due to the ability to heat the water to spa temperature in 30 minutes. Gas is great for one-off events as pools can be heated up overnight, however it is more costly to run.



Heat pumps

Heat pumps are becoming more popular. Although they are not as responsive as gas heaters, they offer a good alternative for people wanting to maintain water temperature over a longer period of time. When combined with solar electricity, heat pumps can be a good way of offsetting some of the pool heating costs.


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