Pool finishes – render vs tiling

Choosing whether to render or fully tile your pool can be a tough decision. Here we outline the benefits of both.



All Neptune Pools come standard with a premium glass bead rendered finish with 200mm waterline tiling. This style of rendered finish is of a higher standard than typical renders such as pebble and quartz. The glass bead render is smooth and durable, and results in a beautiful shimmering finish due to the coloured glass beads, compared to the matte finishes of other rendered surfaces. Rendering is cost effective, and more affordable than fully tiling.


Infinity Pool Albert Park

White glass render


Award winning infinity pool

Midnight glass render



The majority of our clients choose to fully tile their pools. Tiles are smoother, more luxurious and durable, and come in a wider range of colours. They use less chemicals as the surface is less reactive than cement renders, requiring less balancing. Most pools are fully tiled in either ceramic or glass mosaics. Glass mosaics are typically more expensive due to a higher tile cost and higher labour costs to install, however they offer a larger range with more varieties of finishes. Both ceramic and glass tiles are of a similar quality and durability.


Award winning indoor pool

Ceramic tiles


Glass tiles


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