How to prepare your pool for Summer

It’s that time of year where 80% of the new pools are being finished and handed over for Summer. Of course, in many cases it is a mad rush to the finish line. Time to prepare!

You have an instruction lesson with your pool contractor, but amongst thinking about presents and Friday night’s office party, most of what they have told you has gone in one ear and out the other. You also have a pile of manuals which may as well be written in Russian.

Don’t stress too much – here is a basic guide of what you need to do to prepare your pool for the Summer break.

Water Level

Make sure that the pool water level does not drop too low from splashing and evaporation. In most pools the water level should be a minimum of half way up the skimmer box. If the water level gets too low your pump can run dry and burn out.

Skimmer Basket and Deck Canisters

It is a good idea to check these daily until you get a feel for how many leaves they get in them. If it is particularly windy check them also. If the baskets get to full water flow will be restricted which may cause lack of filtration and chlorine production. This could make the pool turn green.


Check the chlorine levels daily when swimming. Ideal chlorine levels are between 2.0ppm-3.0ppm. Low or high chlorine can cause injury to swimmers. If the levels are low you can either shock dose with liquid or powder, or boost with your salt chlorinator. Expect on hot and heavy bather load days to need to add extra at the end of the day.

pH Levels

Check your pH every few days. If it is high (most likely with a new pool), add acid after swimming is complete for the day. A high pH will make chlorine less effective in the water and can encourage scale to form in your new pool interior.

Brush the pool

You don’t need to do this if fully tiled, but  if you have a quartz or pebble render, the more you brush it the better the long term result will be. Quartzon in particular should be brushed daily.


Check the pressure on the filter. If it has risen around 50kpa from start up, it needs cleaning. This will be a backwash for a sand filter or hose out for a cartridge.

There are some other things that your builder will have instructed you to do, but most of these should be able to wait for when they come back from holidays for a follow up call. Although it sounds like a lot of work, once you get the hang of it, it should be pretty easy.

Most of all, don’t forget to have fun and have a great break!